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Along with a great forest there lived a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children, the boy was called Hansel and the girl Gretel. Just had to eat, and in times of famine, which afflicted the country, there came a time when man could not even gain the daily bread. As he lay in bed one night, brooding and turning without concerns let him hit the eye, and finally said, sighing, to his wife: - What will become of us? How to feed the poor little, since nothing is left? - It occurs to me one thing, "she said. Early in the morning, we take the children to the thickest of the forest. Make them a fire, we will give a bit of bread and then will we leave to go to our work. They will never find the way back, we'll get rid of them. - By God, woman! "Replied the man. That's not what I do. How will I take upon myself to abandon my children in the woods! Would soon be destroyed by wild animals. - Do not be silly! She cried. Wilt thou, starve us all four? You can get to saw the boards of the coffins! -. And left him no peace until he consented. But I really pity, "he said. The two brothers, whom sleep for hunger, heard what their stepmother had said to their father. Gretel wept bitterly, and said to Hansel: - Now we are lost! - Do not cry, Gretel, consoled the boy, and do not fret, I'll manage to muddle through. And when the parents were asleep, got up, put on the jacket and went out the back door. Moon was shining brightly and the white pebbles which lay on the ground in front of the house shone like silver. Hansel's was picking up that it would hold in his pockets. Back in his room, said to Gretel: - Have no fear, little sister, and sleep quietly: God does not forsake us, and lay down again. At first light, even before the sun rose, she went to call the children: - Come on, lazy, get up! We go to the forest for firewood. And giving them each a piece of bread, warned: "There you have it for lunch, but do not eat it before it will give you no more. Gretel carried the bread under her apron, because Hansel had his pockets full of stones, and set off all together the way the forest. After a little way, Hänsel stopped from time to time, for she looked toward the house. Said the father: - Hänsel, do not stand behind looking back, leg care and live! - I look at the kitten is white, the roof is me saying goodbye, "answered the child. And the woman replied: - Silly, is not the cat, but the morning sun, reflected in the fireplace. But what I was doing Hansel was not looking at the cat, but go throwing white pebbles, from his pocket, along the road. When they were in the woods, "said the father - to collect wood, small, make a fire to keep them, cool. Hansel and Gretel gathered a bunch of kindling. They made a bonfire, and when burned high, she said: - Put on the fire now, children, and rest while we go through the forest to cut wood. When we will come and fetch you. The two brothers sat by the fire, and at noon they each ate their pieces of bread. And as they heard the sound of the ax, thought their father was near. But in reality, it was the ax, but a branch that he had tied to a dead tree, and the wind was hitting the torso. After a long time to be sitting there, tired eyes were closed, and they fell fast asleep. Awakened, when it was dark. Gretel began to mourn, saying: - How do we leave the forest? But Hansel comforted her: - Wait a little while the moon rises, we'll find the road. And when the moon was high in the sky, the boy, grabbing the hand of his sister, winks by the pebbles which shone like silver, and showed them the path. They walked all night, and got home at dawn. They knocked on the door and opened the stepmother, who, seeing them, exclaimed: - naughty children What is it to stay so long in the forest? We thought you did not want to go back! The father, however, was pleased it had gone, for he pricked the conscience for having abandoned. Some time later there was again great scarcity in the country, and the children heard one night how the stepmother in bed, told her husband: - Again it's all over, we have only half a loaf, and that was that . We must get rid of children. Take them farther into the forest so they can not find the way, otherwise there is no salvation for us. The father was hurt so much abandoning the children, and thought: "It would better match with your children the last bite." But the woman refused to hear their reasons, and filled it with reproaches and insults. Who gave the first time, also giving the second, and so man had not the courage to refuse. But the children were still awake and heard the conversation. When the parents had gone asleep Hansel got up to go out and get pebbles, as before, but could not because the woman had locked the door. He said, however, his sister, to comfort: - Do not cry, Gretel, and quiet sleep, may the Lord help us. The next morning the woman appeared to get out of bed and gave his piece of bread, even smaller than before. Way of the wood Hansel crumbled the bread into his pocket and, stopping here and there, dropped a crumb on the floor. - Hansel, why do you stop to look back? He asked the father. Now do not dawdle! - I'm looking at my little pigeon on the roof, says goodbye. - Bobo! "Said the woman, not your popcorn, but the morning sun shining on the chimney. Hansel was strewed bread crumbs all the way. The woman led the children far into the forest, a place that had never been. They lit a bonfire, and the mother said: - Sit still there, and if you get tired, cast a nap. We go to sleep; at dusk, when we're done, we will collect. At noon, Gretel shared her bread with Hansel, who had strewed his along the road. Then they fell asleep, no one came for the poor children were awoke it was dark night. Gretel and Hansel comforted by saying: - Wait a little, little sister, to leave the moon, then we shall see the crumbs of bread that I have scattered, and show us the way back. When the moon rose, prepared to return, but they found no crumbs of bread, and had been eating the little birds flying through the forest. Hansel: - I give to the road, but did not find him. They walked all night and all the next day, from dawn to dusk, no way out of the woods, suffering hunger as well as they had not eaten more than a few berries, collected from the ground. And when they were so tired that they could no longer sustain them, they fell at the foot of a tree and fell asleep.
And the third morning since they left home. Back to it, but each time she wandered deeper into the forest. If someone did not come quickly to their aid, were doomed to die of hunger. But About noon I saw a beautiful bird, white as snow, perched on the branch of a tree, and sang so sweetly that they stopped to listen. When he finished, he spread his wings and flew, and they followed, up to a little house, whose roof was laid, and the closer they saw that the house was made of bread and covered in cake, and the windows were pure sugar. - Look good! Hänsel exclaimed, "here we get the belly bad year. I will eat a piece of the roof you, Gretel, you can try the window, see how sweet it is. The child climbed onto the roof and broke a piece to try what he knew, while his sister nibbled at the panes. Then they heard a soft voice from inside, "Could it be the little mouse that gnaws at my house?" The children answered: 'Tis the wind, the wind blowing violent. " And they went on eating without disturbing themselves. Hansel, who found the roof tasted, tore a good chunk, and Gretel pulled out all round glass and sat on the floor, ate to his heart. Then the door abruptly, and left an aged woman, leaning on a crutch. The children were so frightened, they released what they had in their hands, but the old woman, shaking her head, and said: - Hello children, how come you here? Come and stay with me, I will do you no harm. And, catching them by the hand, led them into her house, where he had a good meal: milk and pancakes, with sugar, apples and nuts. After she showed them two little white beds, and Hansel and Gretel lay down in them, believing in heaven. The old woman looked very good and kind, but in reality it was an evil wizard who prey on children to hunt, and had built the little house with the sole purpose of attracting them. When one fell into her power, killed him, cooked it and ate it, it was for her a great feast. Witches have red eyes and very short-sighted, but, instead, his nose is thin, like animals, so far vented from the presence of people. When he felt approaching Hansel and Gretel, she said to herself, with a malignant laugh: "Mine are, they do not escape me!". He got up very early, before the children awoke, and seeing them rest so peacefully, with those rosy colored mejillitas so, he muttered: "They will be a good snack!". Then she grasped Hansel with her withered hand, led him into a small barn and locked behind a gate. The child screamed and protested with all his might, but to no avail. Then she went back to bed and woke Gretel small, rudely shaking and shouting: - Get up, lazy bones, fetch water and cook something nice for your brother, I have it in the barn and be fattened up. When he is fat, I'll eat it. Gretel began to mourn bitterly, but in vain, had to fulfill the mandates of the witch. Since then he served meals Hänsel, while Grethel got nothing but crab shells. Each morning the barn and the old saying - Hansel, stretch out your finger, I want to know if you're fat. Hansel, instead of finger out a little bone, and the old, which looked very bad, I thought that was really the child's finger, and it was surprising that not getting fatter. When, after four weeks had passed and Hansel still so thin, she lost patience and could wait no longer: - Grethel, "said the girl, looking for water, light! Fat or thin is your brother, I'll eat tomorrow. What grief for the little sister to fetch water, and how the tears flowed down his cheeks! "My God, help us! -Begging. If we had been devoured by wild beasts of the forest, at least should have died together. " - Stop whining! "Cried the old woman have anything to serve you. In the morning, Gretel had to go out and fill the kettle and a fire. - First do the baking, "said the witch. I have already heated the oven and kneaded the dough -. And She pushed the poor girl to the furnace, whose flames were already shining. Sign in to see if it is hot to put the old pan-ordered. His intention was to close the oven door when the girl was inside, roast and eat it too. But Gretel perceived her thought and said - I do not know how to do it, how shall I get? - You've seen more silly creature! "Replied the witch. The opening is big enough, I could get in it-and, to prove it, stepped forward and put his head in the oven's mouth. Then Gretel, a push, and rushed inside, closing the iron gate, he ran the bolt. There was to hear the squeals that gave the witch! What more dreadful cries! But she ran, and the evil witch to burn miserably. Gretel ran to the barn where it was Hansel, opened the door, exclaiming, Hänsel, we are free and the witch is dead! The boy jumped out, like a bird from the cage door is opened. What a joy they both were and how they fell to the neck of one another, and what of hugs and kisses! And as they had nothing to fear, through the house of the witch, and in every corner there stood chests of pearls and precious stones. - They are worth more than pebbles! "Said Hansel, pockets full of them. And Gretel said: - I also want to take something home, and, in turn, filled her apron full of jewels. - Come on now, "said the child, we must leave journeyed -. About two hours they came to a great river. - We can never get, "said Hansel," I see no bridge or gateway. - Nor is there any small boat, "he said Gretel," but there is nothing a white duck, and if I ask him to help us cross the river -. And shouted, "Duck, duck my good Hansel and Gretel have come to river. There is no bridge to spend, "on your back, we want to wear white?". He approached the duck, and the child climbed on it, inviting her sister to do the same. - No, "replied Gretel," would be too heavy for the duck; worth more to take us one after another. So did the good duck, and when they were on the opposite shore and had walked another stretch, the forest they were becoming increasingly familiar, until at last they saw how far the house of his father. Then threw a run, like a tornado came and hung his father's neck. The man had not had a single hour's rest since the day he left his children in the forest, and as the wife was dead. Grethel opened her apron, and all the pearls and precious stones were scattered on the floor, and Hansel took handfuls of their pockets. Is at an end, and they lived in great joy. And red bunting, this story is over.

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